Accommodations are a Vital Aspect of Vacation Planning

When making travel plan, one of the most important details is going to be your accommodation. Most people worry and fret over flight plans or rental cars and breeze right through the accommodations and choose the very first room they find available within a reasonable distance from the local airport. This is very rarely a […]

Airline Restrictions on Baggage

Items and materials that may be commonplace and necessary at home or in the workplace are sometimes banned inside aircrafts because of the dangers they pose to both passengers and crew. It therefore becomes important to check with the airline which items they allow as carry-on luggage or as checked baggage, or banned altogether. The […]

Airlines And Contracts Of Carriage

It is important to realize, however, that each airline has specific rules that make up your contract of carriage. These rules may differ among carriers. They include provisions such as check-in deadlines, refund procedures, responsibility for delayed flights, and many other things. Domestic Travel For domestic travel, an airline may provide all of its contract […]

Airlines and Passengers With Disabilities

Over 40 million Americans have disabilities. The Air Carrier Access Act and the Department of Transportation (DOT) rule that implements it set out procedures designed to ensure that these individuals have the same opportunity as anyone else to enjoy a pleasant flight. Here are some of the major provisions of the rule. A person may […]