Many Advantages of Polywood

Poly-Wood is a term quickly sweeping the country, not because it is new on the scene.  Perhaps because the United States is starting to catch on to what two very innovative men found out a long time ago in a garage in Indiana?  Poly-Wood HDPE plastic lumber is the ideal recycled material for constructing outdoor […]

Making Your Camping Trip A Vacation Rather Than Work

When planning a camping trip, there are some things that you can pack or do before you leave for your trip that will help you to spend your vacation relaxing and having fun rather than cleaning your site, making trips to the local store to buy accessories or having to deal with something that your […]

Log Cabin Homes – Internalize The Outdoors Beauty

Those of us who work in large cities often wish to get away from the maddening crowd and spend some time in a peaceful location (those of you who have never felt like this…should stop reading this article and get back to work!) where you can feel the arms of nature. This wish has been […]

Making Clothes For Backpacking

Making clothes? If you enjoy backpacking AND sewing, go for it. As for myself, I started buying gear again after the first hundred tedious hours of sewing . Then I discovered that there are some backpacking clothes you can make cheaply and quickly. Making Hand Warmers Stick your hands inside a pair of socks and […]

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