Outdoor Adventure Travel For Anyone

Outdoor adventure travel is catching on in a big way and there is a darn fine reason for it too. There are few trips that can be taken that are better than outdoor adventure travel ones. When you are starting to get into adventure travel you have a multitude of choices to choose from and […]

Brooklyn, New York Opens Its First Cruise Ship Port

In 2003, New York announced the grand opening of a new alternative port for cruise lines.  Because ports in Florida were becoming more and more crowded, additional docking facilities in interesting cities on the Eastern Seaboard were needed to provide cruise lines with a new home port.  The port has been wildly popular.  So much […]

All Inclusive Vacations – The Pros and Cons

All-inclusive vacations are appealing to families and people on a certain budget.  Included in an all-inclusive package will be a round-trip airfare from a departure destination, transport between airport and your hotel, your hotel fee and all meals and drinks.  This is a good deal if you have teenagers because you don’t have to worry […]

Caribbean Travel Guide

All there is to know about the vacation destination of your dreams – that is exactly what a Caribbean travel guide offers. But are Caribbean travel guides really godsend? Or are they just patronizing materials designed for commercial purposes? Well, they’re a little of both actually. After all, the people behind Caribbean travel guides do […]